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Fenurestore Damaged Hair Repair Kit

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Damage & Split Ends Repair Kit
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Fenurestore Damaged Hair Repair Kit 600 ml

Manestream's Fenurestore Split-ends and Damaged Hair Repair Kit is a delight for your dry, dull, and damaged hair that will naturally nourish and moisturize your hair, all while correcting any damage caused by chemical treatments and other internal or external forces. This kit is hailed for its restorative blend of ayurvedic herbs like Fenugreek, Aloe Vera, Neem, Tulsi, and Ginger, as well as powerful oils like Bhringaraj, Shankhapushpi, and Geranium, which work together to give you silky, smooth, and resilient hair. To get the best results, include this kit into your hair regimen step by step.

Step1: Fenurestore Hair Treatment Oil
Manestream’s Fenurestore Hair Treatment Oil concentrated in plant-derived actives such as Fenugreek, Aloe Vera, Neem, Tulsi, and Ginger promotes strong, healthy, and beautiful tresses. This ultimate ayurvedic remedy penetrates deeply into the scalp and aids in the restoration of heat-related damage.
Directions of use: Take a few drops of hair oil and rub them into your palms and fingertips. Massage lightly into the scalp, roots, and length of hair. For optimal results, leave it on for at least 2 hours.

Step 2: Fenurestore Shampoo

Manestream's Fenurestore Hair Treatment Shampoo gently cleanses the scalp to recover its natural health and vigor. This treatment approach, which contains Fenugreek, Aloe Vera, Shankhapushpi, Bhringaraj, and Geranium Oil, helps rebuild split ends and combat microbial infections, improving the overall texture of your hair.
Directions for Use: Wet your hair thoroughly with water and apply a generous amount of shampoo. Massage the scalp and the length of the hair to the tips with your fingertips. Wash it away with clean water.

Step 3: Fenurpro Seroil
A one-of-a-kind breakthrough product that combines the benefits of both a hair oil and a serum. Fenupro Seroil, introduced for the first time by Manestream, is specially formulated with the ayurvedic benefits of Fenugreek, Green Tea, and extracts of multiple therapeutic oils that provide the comfort and nutrition of oil without making the hair greasy or sticky, thereby nourishing the scalp and hair.
Directions for Use: Apply a few drops of Fenupro Seroil on your palms and fingertips. Apply it gently to the scalp and down the length of the hair to the ends. For optimal effects, leave it on. Do not wash off. Use after bath for healthy and glossy hair. 

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