Summer, oh damn. What's not to love about the warm weather, the bliss of long, relaxed days at the beach with sun-soaked skin? When it comes to dealing with some of the season's most pressing hair issues, there's a lot to consider. While winter is renowned for generating dry, brittle strands, the humid summer months are also known for causing frizz, sun-damaged strands, flat, greasy roots, and hair fall—all of which require their own set of remedies. To counteract these negative effects, we've compiled a list of ayurvedic hair treatment solutions to protect your crowning jewel this summer!

But before we dive into these treatment solutions, let us ponder on how and what effects the sun has on our hair. 

Effects of Sun on your hair 

  • UV radiation can infiltrate the cuticles of the hair, triggering damage such as dryness, brittleness, and weathering.
  • UV light permeates the cortex, causing pigmentation loss and protein breakdown, which can result in severe hair damage.
  • The intensity of the summer sun may cause your hair to become drab and weak. This is due to the high humidity in the environment. This humidity may sit on your hair, weighing it down and causing it to seem limp.
  • Summer perspiration and dust lead to hair issues such as dandruff, split ends, fizziness, and excessive hair fall.
  • Summer heat may be damaging to your scalp, bringing dryness and sunburn. Hair protects the skin (near the ear) from sun damage and may also protect the scalp. The hair roots may be impacted as a result of a dry scalp.
  • Sunlight can cause major hair damage, such as dryness. Summer temperatures are harsher, which may cause your hair to be drier than usual. You over-condition and over-treat your hair, which is a glaring mistake.
  • During the summer, you may observe that your hair seems lighter. This is due to the fact that UV rays alter the melanin in your hair. While black hair may lighten slightly, lighter colors of hair tend to fade faster owing to pheomelanin.
  • Do you have greasy hair all the time? This is due to heavy sweating and the employment of sunscreen around your hairline.

It is essential to prevent overexposure to the sun and to take proper precautions to protect your hair when going outside. Continue reading to learn more! 

Why does hair lose its natural shine during summer?

According to Ayurveda, your hair sheds its natural & healthy glow and bounce owing to an imbalance of the three doshas present in your body - Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Each of these doshas has a distinct impact on your body functioning. 

  • An overabundance of Vata dosha in your body causes dry, dull, and frizzy hair.
  • Pitta is another important dosha that is responsible for blood formation and circulation, which has a direct impact on the growth of new hair follicles.
  • An excess of Kapha dosha may result in an overproduction of natural oils in your scalp, making your hair sticky and clumpy.

Let us now go deeper into the reasons why your doshas may become imbalanced in the first place.

Summer Heat Induces Hair Loss

The most prevalent issue among men and women in India is hair loss, which can develop early. Chronic and uncontrollable hair loss can lead to baldness, alopecia, or even hair thinning. A sebaceous follicle is a hair follicle that is associated with the oil glands on your scalp. These glands create fatty sebum that nourishes our hair. However, there are situations when a follicle does not receive enough nutrients. Hair begins to fall out as a result of this. Summer is certainly the most typical season for people to experience hair loss. 

Summer's blazing heat stimulates your scalp's pores to create extra perspiration in an attempt to cool itself down. Perspiration from your scalp evaporates slower than sweat from other regions of your body. This is because your hair masks it, preventing efficient airflow. Sweat absorbs dust and debris, which clogs the follicles of your hair and causes them to get parched. This weakens your hair's roots, causing it to fall out due to a lack of nutrients.

Ayurvedic Hair Treatment Solution: A Prerequisite for Summer

Who doesn't want to show off their lush, shiny hair? Even if you believe there is much more to your life than hair, it is still an excellent place to start your self-care journey! Beautiful hair can let you assert yourself and is a pleasant extension of your entire look. Hair comes in a wide range of exquisite shapes and textures, each with its own distinct beauty. However, just as there are many hair kinds and textures, there are numerous hair products to pick from.

Every so-called Ayurvedic hair treatment solution promotes the advantages of healthy hair while regrettably having chemicals that only treat your hair briefly and topically. These chemicals can also damage the inside structure of your lovely locks, leaving them less healthy than before. Make certain that such products never take advantage of your confidence! As a result, following a thorough investigation, we have assembled a list of the best ayurvedic hair treatment solutions for each hair type. In addition, we will unveil the best Ayurvedic Hair Care product that is perfect for all hair textures, including yours. Continue reading.

For Dry & Frizzy Hair 

Coconut oil has natural soothing effects that assist to moisturize your scalp and prevent fly-away hair. Alternatively, you can use Walnut, which is high in tannins and oils and moisturizes your hair and scalp. It has a wealth of micronutrients including Vitamin B, E, and magnesium, which help to maintain the cuticles and replenish the scalp.

Manestream offers the perfect ayurvedic hair treatment solution for frizzy and dry hair by combining these two strong herbs with many more good-for-scalp ingredients. Fenusmooth Frizzy Hair Treatment Kit is a blend of scalp-nourishing plant botanicals such as Fenugreek, Walnut, Coconut Oil, and others that revitalizes dry, frizzy hair, leaving it smooth and lustrous. This fantastic blend nourishes and moisturizes your scalp while healing dry, damaged hair, strengthening your roots, boosting hair growth, and restoring oil balance.

For Hair Prone to Breakage 

As the seasons change, inflammation on the scalp might occur, leading to flakiness. Because a flaky scalp can cause excessive hair fall, it's critical to utilize an ayurvedic hair treatment solution to clear up any scalp allergies or redness. The best remedy for this is employing a proper ayurvedic hair treatment solution including scalp-cleansing herbs like sesame oil, Onion which are known for promoting new hair growth. 

To address this issue, Manestream has introduced the Fenugrow Hair Fall Treatment Kit, which features scalp-nourishing herbs such as Fenugreek, Onion, Til Oil, Neem, and others that assist to prevent hair fall, reinforce the hair roots, and add shine to those dull and lifeless locks.

For Oily Scalp

Make the transition to sulfate-free hair care products. If you haven't already, summers are generally accompanied by oily hair and scalp. Investing in a decent sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner will not only help keep the oil under control but will also help stabilize the pH levels of the scalp, avoiding any seasonal discomfort or allergies.

Fenucleanse Dandruff Treatment Kit by Manestream has been specifically designed to tackle oily scalp and hair. This excellent ayurvedic hair treatment solution is fortified with scalp replenishing herbs like Fenugreek, Apple Cider Vinegar, Neem, Bhringraj, Coconut Oil, and more which work in synergy to help in the eradication of dandruff flakes and the preservation of a bacteria-free scalp. 

For Heat Damaged Hair

The sun is our deadliest adversary during the height of summer. It not only wreaks havoc on our skin, but it can also do serious harm to our hair, affecting our natural hair color.  Just as you would apply sunscreen to your skin, it is critical to protect your hair from the sun's harmful UV rays. This will not only help preserve your hair's fresh, brilliant color but will also extend its life, which means less effort and money spent on your end.

Try using Fenurestore Damaged Hair Repair Kit which is the perfect ayurvedic hair treatment solution for damaged hair. Infused with hair-loving herbs like Fenugreek, Aloevera, Shankhpushpi Oil, Neem, and many more, this kit is a treat for your dry, dull, and damaged hair that will naturally feed and hydrate it while addressing any damage caused by chemical treatments and other internal or external influences to deliver silky, smooth, and strong locks.

Ayurveda contains several remedies and solutions for various types of hair issues. It takes a cautious approach to address the root cause of your specific hair problem. To be safe, you must first determine your hair type in order to select the suitable ayurvedic hair treatment solution, products, and nutrition for healthier, shinier hair.

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