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5 Things You Should Do For Healthy Hair



If you think about buying twenty expensive hair products and applying them once in a while to get healthy and bouncy hair, it won’t really work! So what would work? We’ll explain it to you!

Getting healthy hair is more expensive than you think it is; most of the time, it is about consistency and regular watch-out that helps.

 You don’t always have to go out and try various products and experiment with your hair. Most of the time, it is about what you believe from your inner consciousness and understanding of your hair type.

Let’s look at five steps that can help you enhance the quality of your hair when practiced consistently as part of the hair care routine.

Brush your scalp with a wooden comb. 

This is the first step in your daily hair care routine. You must first ditch the ordinary plastic comb and replace that with a wooden comb.

Next, detangle your hair and start brushing your scalp gently. You can also put your hair upside down and then brush; this will help better blood circulation in the scalp area.

Do this for five minutes twice a day. However, remember that you must be very gentle while combing your scalp. 

Take a few drops of oil and massage it on your scalp

Scalp care is the most critical step and also the most underrated one. Once you have brushed your scalp, take a few drops of oil that work the best for your hair type.

Try Fenugrow Hair Fall Treatment hair oil with the goodness of Onion and Fenugreek. It also has extracts of Harshringar, Satawari, and Til Oil. From helping fight hair fall to reducing hair thinning and hair breakage with higher sulphur content, the anti-inflammatory ingredients help soothe hair to the best.   

You must take a tiny amount of oil here because too much can make your hair greasy. If you come from an oily hair gene, you must pick an excellent serum that is non-sticky and non-greasy. 

Try Fenu Smooth or FenuBoost Hair serum, which provides nutrients and proteins to the hair follicles and helps detangle them. It also helps in protecting the hair against UV rays. 

Apply serum on your hair length, especially the ends

After you have done enough for the scalp, it’s time to come down to hair length. When you take good care of your hair length, you will experience much fewer split ends and hair breakage.

Take the same serum or some other that suits your hair the best and apply it on the hair ends. If you have rough and dry lots at an extreme level, then you must go with oil, but only a few drops. You would have to do this daily routine; thus, the application of products should be very little. 

Once you have locked the moisture to the hair ends, brush it gently. It‘s not an oiling routine but a moisture-locking one.

Tie your hair before going to bed.

Once you are done with scalp and hair care, gently tie your hair to avoid any breakage at night. Not only will it help you protect your hair, but it will also end up giving you shiny and healthy hair the following day.

If you don’t tie your hair, all the products you apply will run off at night. Also, remember to use a silk or velvet hair tie or band to secure the braid. 

Keep your diet protein-rich

Last but the most important, keep a watch on what you eat. If you don’t know, hair is made up of a protein called keratin. With less supply of protein, hair starts to become weak, leading to hair fall and depleting quality.

If you are a vegetarian, include pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, and chia seeds in your diet. Have probiotics like curd and greens and indulge in more whole home-cooked meals. This will help you see evident results in the long run.

Any great process doesn’t show results in one day. Just be consistent, and in time you will see evident results. Pay equal attention to your scalp and the hair length for more potent, fuller, and healthier hair.

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