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ALERT- These Hairstyles Are Damaging Your Hair!

Straightening, curling, blow drying, and many other styling tools

Straightening, curling, blow drying, and many other styling tools we use for daily hair shaping. Without even knowing, your regular hair styling is damaging your hair! Whether it’s the do’s or the tools you’ve been using contributes to depleting the hair entirely.

Umm…a little too much bummer! You might not have expected how those beautiful hairstyles reciprocate to the strands. And the end result is “DAMAGED HAIR”. So, here’s what will educate you about the styles that turn out to be silent killers.

Hairstyles that Damage Your Hair-

  • Wet Hairdos

You’ve just washed your hair and tied it either with the scrunchie in your hand or the clutch held at the corner of your top. And that’s a wreaked havoc you are committing to your strands. We have always been saying that your hair is at its weakest state when wet. So, combing or tying hair at this point will worsen the mane state, thus causing them to break.

  • Too-tight ponytails and braids

One of the facts that is unknown to many of us is that tying hair too tight causes strands to experience traction because your follicles witness stress. Primarily, a too-tight bun or even ponytail collects stress at the same spot which then boosts breakage & hair fall.

  • Hair Straightening & Curling

Whether you are straightening or curling your hair- it is causing extreme damage. Even if you are applying a heat protectant. Try going with heatless methods or inculcating healthy haircare habits perhaps masks to boost the upkeep of the quality. Make it a rule to use heating tools very rarely on your strands.

  • Teasing tresses and backcombing

It is recommended to avoid back-combing and teasing your hair because it can add a lot of volume (and a lot of damage!). You risk damaging your hair strands if you backcomb or tease it to add lift. Use hair styling products that provide volume to your hair rather than backcombing it to cause knots and tangles.

Although it may have been popular when you were in high school, hair teasing is currently popular. But it's also incredibly hard on your hair, especially if you have thin, brittle hair. Despite the fact that it appears to be extremely cool, we can't say that we suggest it. And this is why-It can knot and break the hair right near the roots.

To The Bottom Line-

Finding these harmful hairstyles is difficult; in some cases, you might not even be aware of the stress they are putting on your strands. We have found these hairstyles for you so that your task is easy. So, make sure to take note of these.

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