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Tips for Achieving the Perfect Updo!

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The promise of winter means many things. Cooler breeze, wedding season, and nice updos. But, at times you might fail to achieve that appropriate look that you wish for.

It might be difficult to create an updo, let alone decide which one to use. And for those of us without naturally thick and abundant hair to work with, it becomes even more difficult.

Fortunately, there are many techniques to use in order to perfect the appearance of volume, texture, and movement while keeping the shape of thin strands. So, bookmark this page to create a fuller look for the coming festive time.

The Complete Manual of Updos-

There are many different ways to style the hair. On top of the head, hair is typically gathered and pulled into a bun, ponytail, or other updo. All cultures from around the world have utilized the bun for ages because it has a straightforward, attractive look.

Keeping Updo in Place for Different Face Types-


Schoolgirls, ballerinas, folk dancers, and other people who need to tie back their hair for practical reasons frequently wear ponytails, a sort of updo that resembles a long-haired ponytail.


A knot that may or may not have many decorative attachments is sometimes created by twisting two long pigtails together at the crown of the head. Although this style of updo deviates from the standard in terms of appearance, young girls seem to really like it. Adults can use it to make their makeup light-reflective as well.

Tips to Pick the Right Updo-

Have you got a round face?

If so, your updo style should highlight the contour of your face. Wearing a side bun or chignon will help you achieve this. By doing so, the roundness of the face will be concealed, and it will appear more oval-shaped.

Do you have a face that is square-shaped?

If so, arrange your hair in an updo with height. This will make your face appear more angular and narrower than it was before. You can do this by sporting a high bun or low ponytail with volume at the top.

To The Bottom Line-

Ponytails are among the simplest (and most adaptable) updos to attempt on your own. The expression "A ponytail is an updo!" says Sarah. "Placement is important. Go low and loose if you want to do something more elegant.

Go higher and tighter if you want to accomplish something more enjoyable and seductive. By hiding the elastic with additional hair or a braid, backcombing your ponytail, or curling it, you may transform it from a casual look to a glitzy one. It's the best style that anyone can use.

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