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Ayurveda Inspired Holi Hair Care Tips: Let your hair say Holi Hai!


The most anticipated day of cool Thandai, countless sweets, and shameless dancing to Bollywood tunes is almost here. To be honest, Holi is by far the most exhilarating celebration in India—the day of dumping grievances and celebrating with friends and family. You may already be planning for it, looking for organic colors, and organizing the event while uniting your family and friends to mark the occasion. 

However, are you ready to cope with the consequences? Have you found out how to keep your hair safe from Holi colors? Don't be concerned. To counteract the damage caused by these hazardous chemicals, we have put together a list of Ayurveda-inspired Holi Hair Care tips. You can find all you need to know about protecting your hair before and after Holi right here.

Ayurveda Inspired Holi Hair Care Tips Let your hair say Holi Hai!

Pre-Holi Hair Care Tips

The colors of Holi may be rather irritating to your hair. As a result, being cautious by following these Holi hair care tips might help reduce the harm caused by the Holi colors. 

1. Trim your split ends: Trim away the split ends while you prepare your hair to endure the colors of Holi. Artificial colors might cause your hair to become drier, resulting in a lot of split ends that will hinder your hair growth. So, before you finally begin celebrating, it's a good idea to get a hold of the split ends.

2. Wash away the dirt and grime: True, you will need to wash your hair after the event. So, why do you need to wash before the celebration? If you have filth or grime on your head, it will produce a residue when you oil your hair on the Holi morning. In addition to the dirt, Holi colors may amass. Washing this will not only become tough, but it may also create scalp issues. As a result, it is critical to wash your scalp and hair the day before Holi. Condition your hair as well to moisturize it and prepare it for the subsequent day.

We suggest using our Fenucleanse Shampoo, which refreshes and hydrates your scalp and hair, leaving it fresh and clean.

3. A Thorough Oil Massage is a must: Holi colors could be very detrimental to our hair, thus it is critical to oil them before going out to play Holi. Oil, whether coconut oil, olive oil, or any other oil you use, can help to reduce the impact of color additives on your hair by providing a protective layer. Oiling your hair will not only work as a protective shield but will also make it easier to wash your mane and remove all of the colors. We recommend using our Fenurestore Hair Oil which is enriched with nourishing herbs like Fenugreek, Aloevera, Bhringraj, and many more that delves deep into your hair follicles and nurtures your tresses.

4. Tie your hair up and hide it: After you've finished oiling your hair, you must cover it. The most secure method is to wear a hat, scarf, or bandana. Instead of leaving your hair loose, shape it into a bun or a tight ponytail. It protects your oiled hair by covering your scalp and not quickly absorbing color.

Post-Holi Hair Care Tips

If you want to save your hair from being damaged during Holi, you must invest not only in pre-Holi preventative measures but also in post-Holi prevention strategies. Here are a few examples:

1. Pre-wash hair combing: What is the significance of combing in relation to Holi? Before washing your hair after playing Holi, make sure you comb it well. Combing aids in the removal of colors that have dried and become adhered as flakes to the shaft and scalp. If you used dry colors rather than watercolors during Holi, brushing your hair will remove a lot of the powder from your scalp and hair. Wet hair, on the other hand, should not be combed.

2. Wash your hair using a gentle shampoo: Instead of shampooing, use as much cold water as possible to remove the majority of the color. We recommend that you avoid shampoos that include harsh chemicals since they are extremely damaging to your scalp and hair. 

3. Nourish your hair thoroughly: Your hair is in desperate need of moisture and care right now. As a result, pick your hair conditioner properly. Selecting a chemical-laden conditioner can simply aggravate your scalp's condition. Also, be sure to properly feed your hair roots by masking them. We suggest using our Fenucleanse Conditioner, which effectively cleans your scalp and provides intense nourishment at the same time. 

4. Get a haircut: This is a purely optional step. It is recommended, however, because colors impact hair growth, and trimming the ends is necessary for healthy hair growth. So, for a fresh look, you may either get your ends chopped or try on a new hairdo. If you trim split ends before Holi and have short hair, it will be tough to cut further. In this instance, you can consider trimming at home. There would be no problem if you had long hair. In that case, be sure to follow appropriate hair care suggestions for long hair.

5. Follow a proper Hair Care Routine: Never stop caring for your hair after Holi because it isn't a one-time affair. To get healthy and beautiful hair, you must continue to care for it for at least two weeks after Holi. If you take proper care of your hair for a month by following post-Holi hair care suggestions, your hair will remain very healthy.

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