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Non-Sticky Formula With Goodness of Oil


Do you hate the stickiness of oil, but then leaving your hair dry is leading to the hair texture degrading in quality? No more! Who said you can’t have everything in one product? Yes, you can. Let’s see how!

It is a common belief that you can’t wear oil on an everyday basis, especially after a hair wash. But, now’s the time when we must think of breaking the stereotype and include the goodness of hair oil into the post-hair-wash hair-care routine!

But, Why and How? Let’s See!

Benefits of Oil in Hair Care

1. Strengthens Hair

The reason why you have been seeing chunks of hair on the pillow, bathroom, and comb is that your hair has become weak due to extreme roughness and dryness. 

To combat such a condition, you must include hair-strengthening formulas in your hair care routine. The formula of oil insulates the hair against pollution and sun damage. Oils have been quite famous for strengthening hair strands and avoiding split ends.

2. Tames the Frizz

Another important concern is frizz. Have you been trying those anti-frizz shampoos and conditioners with high hopes? But, most of them don't work, right? We bet, the one we are about to reveal would surely do it! 

Anyway, getting back, frizz is the result of dry hair, not just dry, but extra dry. The chemical treatments and hair color have extracted all the moisture from the hair and left it dry. How do you heal? Simple, pass on the nourishment that is lost. The moment your hair is well-nourished, frizz is bound to get tamed!

3. Add shine and Acts as a hair Protectant

If you think that you will put a flat iron through your hair on and on, every day, and then expect the natural shine to stick on there, we mean, how do you have the guts to expect so much from your hair when you have been giving it so little of what is needed? So, first, minimize heat damage and then move on!

Don’t give up on hair styling, but let there be days when your hair is allowed to shine naturally! For such days when you use heat for hair styling, oil can help protect the hair as a heat-protectant. On realistic grounds it’s not 100% safeguarded, but the damage that can be minimized, must be! 

4. Improvises Overall Hair Quality

Ultimately, it’s the hair quality, we’re all here for! And, no chemical treatment can do the miracle, oils can.

Oil helps in scalp health. When you gently massage the scalp it helps in exfoliation and sometimes that helps in reducing hair fall.

Oil helps strengthen the hair shaft, especially in the case of frizzy and dry hair. It’s most beneficial when the oil is left in the hair overnight.” 

                 -Dr. Khushboo Garodia(Homeopath & an Integrative Health Expert)

Consequences of Oil’s Sticky Formula   

1. Makes the Hair Look Greasy

One of the most significant reasons why we don’t like using hair oils is the sticky formula it comes in. We know it makes the hair look extremely greasy especially when you have thin strands. Further, the greasiness attracts dirt and pollution that makes it extra awful. But, wait, continue reading, we have a solution to this.

2. Leads to Hair Fall

As per experts, extensive hair oiling on the scalp leads to messing up the scalp’s natural oil balance leading to hair fall. It leaves the roots open and pores clogged which leads to easy and excessive hair fall. 

FenuPro Seroil: Where Tradition Meets Trend

                                                          FenuPro Seroil

When we promised to give you a solution, we meant it! 

Manestream hair care solutions bring you FenuPro Seroil which is an effortless combination of serum and oil. The revolutionary product has the best of both, serum and oils combining the goodness of Almond, Coconut, and Rosemary with Fenugreek.

Here is what you need to know about the product

1. Adds Shine

The product is brilliant in adding that natural shine to your hair. The lightweight formula goes into your scalp and strands of hair and makes it appear glossier.

2. Tames Frizz

The nourishing quality of the Seroil prevents dryness that further helps in taming down the frizz on a go. Just rub a tiny amount of the product into your palms and lightly massage it through the scalp and hair strands.

3. Non-Sticky Formula

Here’s the most interesting part of the product. The consistency is extremely light and non-sticky. The moment you apply it on your scalp and hair, it goes to add shine and nourishment without the hair being greasy.

4. The goodness of Almond, Coconut, and Rosemary Oil

Lastly, it encapsulates the goodness of the three most important ingredients for hair care: Almond, Coconut, and Rosemary with Fenugreek. All of these are an excellent source of adding essential nutrients to the hair making it more dense and quality improvised. 

So, what’s the plan for this valentine's? Are you adding innovative and one-of-its-kind haircare products to your cart? While you have already tried so many products, try your hands on this too, you might just find what you’ve been looking for! 😌

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