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RangDeBaalIssBaar: This Holi Say No to Bad Hair!


Holi celebrations and Holi colors might turn out to be horrific for hair. This guide will provide information on pre and post Holi Hair Care routine.

The year’s first and most vibrant festival is around the corner and you surely must have all the plans for the day sorted. But, are you sorted with a haircare plan that would help you protect your hair from colors, heat, and all the Holi jitters that are yet to come? No? Why? You gotta read this guide for sure!

Holi is such a great festival that brings immense joy, togetherness, good times, and great laughs. This day of craziness is what you would recall years later and reminisce with memories while laughing crazily as ‘You know this is so crazy on that Holi….’ Ah! How can one miss out on occasions where one creates memories? 

If you have been missing out on Holi celebrations just because your hair and skin don’t get affected, it’s not fair for the festival and also you. While if you play Holi without being precautious about hair and skin, that is not good either. So, what should you do?

That’s what this guide is all about. Continue reading to know how you can play Holi while ensuring that your hair would look good once you have washed out the colors in the shower!

Let’s dive in.

Holi Pre Care Hair Solution 

Let’s look at what you should do before stepping out for Holi celebrations to protect your hair.

  • Oil The Hair Thoroughly

  • The First step in the Holi pre-care routine is to oil the hair through the roots to the edges. This will create a protective layer against sun, water, and colors while preventing extra dryness. Later, when you would wash your hair, the color would come out effortlessly.

    Try out the Manestream Fenugrow + Fenuboost Hair Oil combo that has the goodness of Methi, Onion, Bhringraj, Aloe Vera, Till, and Shatavari. It helps strengthen the roots and protects the hair against UV rays by sealing the hair cuticles. 

  • Add Drops of Lemon and Lemon Essential Oil 

  • In the Hair Oil, add drops of lemon essential oil, an antioxidant-rich ingredient that helps maintain scalp health.

  • Use Deep Conditioning Hair Mask A Day Before

  • The effects of Holi might last for more than two days till the color smears off completely. It might make your hair dry and bleak before leading to more breakage and rough ends. Thus, you must try and strengthen the roots that will minimize damage and protect hair texture.

    Try out Manestream Fenusilk Hair Mask with Fenugreek and Apricot Extracts. The rich creamy shampoo hydrates the hair perfectly, softens the hair, and promotes hair health.

  • Use Hair Accessories to Cover the Hair

  • While you might love going out with open hair for Holi functions, it might not be the best thing for your hair. Use a scarf, hair band, bandana, or cap, and also tie the hair to avoid breakage. 

    Hoil Post Care Hair Solution

  • Try Dry Combing

  • Once you are done with Holi celebrations and set to take the colors off, start with dry combing the hair as it would help take out the traces of colors. However, if your hair is still wet, do not comb as that would lead to greater damage.

    Use a Neem Comb to dry brush hair!

  • Wash the Hair With Shampoo and Conditioner Thoroughly

  • This wash is not going to be the same as a regular hair wash. Run down the shampoo all over your scalp and ends of the hair and massage it with a gentle scalp scrubber to take the colors off. Then condition your hair extensively to bring the lost moisture. Make sure that you use cold water from the start to the end.

    Try the Manestream Fenurestore Shampoo and conditioner (Kit) that repairs and protects your tresses. Enriched with Aloe Vera and Fenugreek, it is one the most enriching hair care solutions.

  • Use a Hair Mask

  • Once you are done washing and conditioning the hair, use a hair mask that would help repair the hair beyond shampoo and conditioner. It will further help tame the frizz and repair the damage. It will help smoothen the hair making it look a lot healthier than before.

    Using a hair mask before playing Holi and after playing Holi will have evident results. You can use Manestream Fenusilk Hair Mask even for an after-wash solution to strengthen hair roots and soften the try texture.

    Final Words

    If you follow each step closely, you would see the difference in your post-Holi hair from previous years in comparison to this year. 

    Holi is the festival of joy and one that really shouldn’t be missed. While you get involved in the festival of colors, you must do the little things that can avoid the after-effects you don’t want to experience.

    Go out, have fun, and do everything that would bring joy! These are the days that make memories for life.

    Happy Holi Folks!

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