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Score Up for Your Hair- Celebrity Haircare Hacks!

Celebrity Haircare Hacks

Gorgeous hair is taking center stage as award season gets underway. Yet as anyone who peeks at all the behind-the-scenes chaos (thanks to Snapchat!) will attest, celebrity stylists frequently have to be inventive to accomplish faultless hair when time is of the essence.

Here, those mane experts made a brief pause to offer their most unexpected tips for duplicating red carpet looks—along with easy ways to maintain healthy hair. So, Read On……

Get the “MANE OF YOUR DREAMS” By Following These Tips and Tricks that B’Town Celebs Swear By-

You're in for a treat today if your fantasy is to have long, thick hair like your favorite Bollywood stars! Contrary to common opinion, Bollywood beauties don't spend a lot of money or hours at the salon to maintain their glossy locks. You might be startled to hear this. Rather, they vouch for these five hair care guidelines to maintain the stunning appearance of their locks.

  • Pretty Poo Believes in Oiling

Yes, even Bebo, swears by dadi-nani ke nuskhe, which involves oiling your hair to give it body, luster, and plumpness. Frequent hair oiling helps promote hair development and assists in moisturizing, nourishing, and strengthening your hair. If you want to see your hair grow as gorgeously as Kareena's, make sure you grease it once or twice a week.

  • Serums are the Saviours- Kat Says

While Katrina doesn't experiment much with her hair, the actress does take good care of her hair to keep it smooth and glossy. She uses hair serum and leave-in conditioners religiously to prevent frizz and tangles in her hair. Hair serums give your hair more vitality and help control frizz. Hence, to have your hair looking as glossy and bouncy as Katrina Kaif's, invest in a high-quality hair serum.

  • Masks are Essential too

Even Priyanka Chopra Jonas feels that hair masks are awesome! Hair masks make your hair softer, glossier, and smoother while also hydrating and moisturizing your scalp. Bollywood's Desi girl is adored for her gorgeous mane. To easily repair and revitalize your lifeless hair, you can also use store-bought hair masks.

  • Deepu Stands for Cold Water Hairwashes

Deepika has really straightforward advice for having healthy hair. She believes in and abides by the straightforward guideline of shampooing her hair with cold water rather than hot. Your hair will look smooth and glossy because the cold water shuts the cuticles and helps seal in moisture. Thus, if you use a decent shampoo and give your hair regular cold water washes, your hair will undoubtedly get healthier.

Celebrity Haircare Hacks

To The Bottom Line-

Few things are more unpleasant than taking twenty minutes to style your hair just to have the wind ruin it minutes after you step outside. Bollywood's top stars have recently begun favoring simple hairstyles that don't require a ton of hair products or complicated YouTube instructions, keeping in mind the unpredictable weather. These quick hairstyles, which range from Alia Bhatt's two-step half twists to Priyanka Chopra's sloppy top knot, can survive any weather condition, including dark sky and blustery gusts outside.

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