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Stop! Here Are the Top 9 Mistakes You Make Unknowingly That Prevent Hair Growth


Are you still in the thought of that unhealthy hair you witnessed this morning in the mirror? Well! Then you might be making some mistakes that prevent hair growth. Yes! Certainly, using premium hair care products solely can’t balance out all your hair distress. Rather, the correct technique of applying them & utilization mechanisms can work.

Almost, each one of us would have observed our locks losing hold from the scalp & falling on the floor. Undeniably, watching those hair strands that you lost just now while combing hair is truly depressing. But, you can manage & even prevent them from happening. Want to know how to stop hair fall & boost hair growth? Here’s the key!

Top 9 Mistakes You Make Unknowingly that Prevent Hair Growth-

You might unknowingly or probably knowingly commit mistakes that can cause severe hair fall & losing strands enormously. So, here are the don’ts to be acquainted with that can actually help you with balancing hair loss & hair fall.

  • 1. Watch out for your shampoo/products

    Indeed, getting incited by the smooth, silky hair you saw in an advertisement might get you the wrong shampoo. But, using the inappropriate product will dry out the hair, making them lose its natural moisture. Thus, get your hands on a sulfate-free shampoo that keeps the inherent moisture intact & works the right way. In addition, be watchful while choosing haircare products.

    • 2. Washing hair with hot water

    It’s a proven fact that washing hair with hot water makes them static, and frizzy and even dries out natural oils from the scalp. Certainly, to prevent stripping off the natural oils from the scalp, washing hair with cold or lukewarm water is a go-to thing.

    • 3. Not brushing hair before shampooing

    How to stop hair fall- has been a prominent question on the web. But, do you know combing hair before hair washing can prevent hair loss? Despite all the reminders you are still combing hair after shampooing which rather should be done before. Indeed, combing hair in advance, detangles hair from knots, thus, preventing strands to fall.

    • 4. Over-washing to make locks brittle

    Washing your hair too often or regularly can wash-down out oils from the scalp. Indeed, people who have oily scalps can do regular hair wash otherwise doing so is like inviting enemies for your hair. Thus, over-washing your hair can make you step back 10 times in the process of growing hair naturally.

    • 5. Too Much Tight Hair-Do’s

    Did you know? Pulling back hair tightly can make your hairline recede! However, once in a while, it’s a friendly moment for your hair but regular can harm the hair follicles. So, avoiding consistent pulling back hair is pleasant as it can cause strands to break.

    • 6. Losing on Diet & Supplements

    Are you appropriately taking your meals, and keeping essential nutrients incorporated? Bet, you aren’t! Certainly, taking a balanced diet & required supplements (which can be prescribed by the doctor) boosts hair growth in no time and can work miracles. Indeed, your body needs various vitamins & essential nutrients routinely to fill up required gaps.

    • 7. Tough Towel-Drying

    Have you been stripping off the wet strands with your towel immediately after you exit the bathroom? Stop! As this tough-drying technique will make you lose too much hair. Rather, using a soft cotton t-shirt or even a microfiber towel will work.

    • 8. Skipping Heat Protectant

    You always ensure to use SPF before stepping outside in the sun! Then why skip heat protectant for hair? Certainly, heat protectants are correctly curated to prevent hair damage caused by the high heat & rigid products used while styling.

    • 9. Heat Styling immediately after the wash

    Your strands haven’t even dried up and you just pulled off a section through the heat of a straightener. Certainly, putting wet hair in contact with styling tools can make them suffer extremely & then they go ahead to the repair line.

    To The Bottom Line-

    How to stop hair fall or how boost hair growth? Questions like these can land you in altogether various opinions on the web. Despite, using the best picks of the bunch you still not be attaining the hair growth you want. Definitely, that’s because of mistakes you commit during the hair care regime and some of which are mentioned above.

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