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Unveiling the Benefits of Combing Hair with a Neem Comb


Who doesn’t wants a healthy scalp and long hair growth? Let’s commit- all of us! Of Course, everyone wants to flaunt their hair as they primarily enhance their facial appearance. Thus, it becomes essential to give some extra attention to the aspects of hair care. However, the point to note here is that care for hair isn’t limited to expensive bottles or long oiling sessions. Rather, it’s more than that.

So, starting with the basics- have you been combing your hair right? Yes, actually combing hair the right way and with the right accessories matters a lot. Indeed, the hair tool you’ve been using counts extremely in contributing to increasing your hair growth. Now, it’s the time to say bye-bye to those plastic combs as you’ll by the end of this article acquainted with the benefits of Neem Comb.

Importance of Combing Hair-

The way to comb hair and its importance has been undermined as it hasn’t been an attentive topic to know about. Well! You may not recognize but it’s true that combing hair invests immensely in your hair growth. The importance or benefits are inclined here:

  • You may not get time appropriately to massage your hair that often. Thus, combing your hair is the imitation of hair massage that helps in scalp stimulation. Consequently, it aids in blood flow, massaging, and hair growth.
  • Certainly, losing 50 to 100 hair strands a day is a known fact. Indeed, combing hair eases out removing the loose hair.
  • Boosting hair health and appearance is another benefit that combing hair regularly gives you. Certainly, the oil on the scalp is to an extent necessary for hair’s growth & quality. Thus, brushing hair evenly distributes the healthy oils all over the scalp & hair to maintain its strength and sheen.

Benefits and Uses of Neem Comb for Hair Growth-

Neem being a natural and biotic resource incorporates many benefits & uses for enhancing the beauty of hair.

  • Neem comb for hair helps promote the process of blood circulation towards the scalp. Therefore, the right usage of a neem comb on hair presses and activates the acupuncture points on the scalp. Further, leading to a nice effortless hair massage and apt blood circulation.
  • Using a neem wood comb on the scalp evenly distributes the healthy and natural oils that sebaceous glands produce. Certainly, these oils are essential to maintain the health and sheen of the strands. Further, balanced oil circulation helps in eliminating too much greasy hair.
  • A neem wood comb when used on hair locks makes sure to prevent hair loss and breakage. Indeed, the reason behind this is the smooth sliding of neem wood ensures detangling hair strands while reducing friction.
  • The white flaky scalp can distress you for sure. But, when you have a neem comb by your side- it prevents forming of dandruff. Neem has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Certainly, it is gentle on the scalp and prevents any harm which is provoked by cuts or nicks.

How to Use a Neem Wood Comb: Right Way to Comb Your Hair-

How to use a neem wood comb is one of the things that most of us wonder about. Certainly, brushing hair twice a day with a neem comb is suggested. These two times are morning and night. However, for the rest of the time you can always use your fingertips gently to detangle the knots softly. Remember, not to be too harsh on the scalp or comb too many hair strands. In addition, it is to keep in mind that avoid combing hair when they are wet. However, neem comb being water-resistant can be used on the scalp when the strands are a bit damp.

To The Bottom Line-

Caring for hair is essential and doing it the right way is even more essential. Before, only a few people had the knowledge about combing hair contributes massively to hair health. Thus, the method of using products and hair tools is necessary to look at. Thus, a neem comb is one of the primary tools, to begin with, for the right hair care for a healthy scalp. So, now plastic hair comb- what’s that?

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