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Top 3 Indian Wedding Hairstyle Ideas for 2023!


Yayyy, it’s the wedding season and everything is all about Glitz and Glam. So, here are the top 5 Indian Wedding Hairstyle Ideas for 2023 to escalate the entire look. While you might be deciding on wedding hairstyles for short, medium, and long hair. We’ve got you roofed with the veracious & quick suggestions.

Before moving ahead, we’ve collected some essential tips to cater to you with a more precise piece of information about wedding hairstyle ideas.

Wedding Hairstyles Easy Hack-

While you may be all awestruck with the trending hairdos for wedding season on the web and Pinterest. But, there might be a little failure when you actually try to wear them. So, here are some easy hacks and tips for easy wedding hairstyles for 2023.

  • The first and foremost thing to understand is the hair type you have. A hairdo that looks wow on Pinterest might not look the exact way when done actually. Thus, having precise information about your hair type i.e., thin, thick, dense, heavy, curly, etc should be done beforehand.
  • Secondly, any hairstyle that appears to look good on multiple faces is not necessary to look appropriate on your face as well. Thus, know your face cut well and eventually decide the suitable hairstyle for your face type. For example, sleek hairstyles look utterly gorgeous on oval-shaped face cuts.
  • Always prepare your hair prior to starting with the hairstyle. Thus, wash them thoroughly, and avoid oiling or tying them too tight so that it becomes easier at the time of hairdo.
  • Avoid haircuts at least 2-3 months before the wedding or function date so that you don’t have to compromise to your entire look.
  • Last but surely not least is to always carry some bob pins in your bag to fix the mishappenings on the eleventh hour.

Top 3 Indian Wedding Hairstyle Ideas for 2023!

  • Balanced Braids

The classic, evergreen, and versatile hairstyle for wedding season is a braid. Most prominently, it looks absoulutely fine on every face cut. So, whether from the front side or the side, braiding never goes off the style statement. Even, the fist-tail braids can be poshed up with some nice flower buds to enhance the look.

  • The Classic Updos

Whether you're wearing a lehenga or a sari, an updo is the ideal accent to almost any wedding outfit.  Lately, popularity has been resurgent for the classic updo. In response, some influencers have come up with fresh takes on the straightforward bun. So, why not pull on the trend and make full use of it?

  • Half Up and Half Open Hairstyle

Half-up and half-down hairstyles are the simplest to copy out of all the bridal hairstyles you see on Instagram. They are highly popular among brides because they are quick and easy to put together. Consider a side-swept, half-up, half-down hairstyle with flowers or a bouffant-inspired "do" for a more formal sangeet or cocktail.

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