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Top Hairstyles Inspo for Rakshabandhan 2023!


The lovely celebration of Raksha Bandhan honors the relationship and affection between a brother and sister. On this day, a sister honors her relationship with her brother by tying a stitched amulet, known as a rakhi, around his wrist. The day is also commemorated by family get-togethers, fun, and games.

As we can all agree, no party is complete without that picture-perfect appearance, complete with on-trend and appropriate attire, makeup, accessories, and haircut. Always keep in mind that putting together an outfit will be most effective when combined with appropriate jewelry and stunning holiday haircuts.

Hairstyle Ideas for Rakhi-

  • Side Dutch Braids

Slightly Take an asymmetrical part, add volume, and secure it by leaving the front hairline to twist back the top hair.

Start with a side low ponytail and extend the look to the ends by Dutch braiding the lengths.

  • Open Hairstyles

Consider the center profile separating. By adding subsections, twist to the right and crisscross to the left by taking little portions from the top. Repeat on the other side and use a Bobby pin to secure the crown.

  • Flowy Boho Braid

Utilize a large curling tong to curly all of the hair. Twist the vertical zigzag parts towards the center. To secure the crown, stack one on top of the other. Leaving hair at the front hairline for framing.

  • Braid Bun

Part your hair asymmetrically at the top. Create a twisted bun by pulling the hair in the back into a ponytail. Beginning at the front hairline, French braid the top portion of the hair, rotate it over a bun and repeat on the opposite side. Give volume away from the face to twist the front.

  • Twist Curl Hairstyle

Apply curls to the entire head of hair with a curling tong. Move the front line's center profile separating toward the crown. Tease the hair at the root to add volume to the crown. Secure the crown volume by inserting the slightly twisted front hairline at the back.

To The Bottom Line-

We're all getting ready for a Zoom-ready Raksha Bandhan party even though most of us are still confined to our homes and going out would be seen as unsafe. This affectionate event is without a doubt one of our favorites, despite the disagreements and fighting with our siblings. We've lined up some hairstyles for you to choose from so that your mane game is on point because we know you're Googling makeup trends, quick and easy hairstyles, and outfit hacks.

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