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5 Top Heat-Free Hairstyles for Fall and Winter


Are the chills indicating to pull out the hair dryers? TBH, It’s a serious NO! Rather, try these top 5 heat-free hairstyles for fall and winter. If you are apprehensive about the heat damage on your strands, then calm down!

Not to forget, the wedding season has also begun which means it's all about heavy hairdos. The wedding season is here, along with its celebrations, so we've been busy searching everywhere for ideas for outfits, makeup looks, and haircuts. However, we're forgetting that winter is truly bad for our hair for all the hoopla.

The dry, winter hair depletes the tresses of moisture, making them frizzy and parched. So, we've picked up the top five hairstyles you should try to maintain your hair frizz-free this winter while you're busy organizing your clothing to appear extra amazing for the event. Manestream has got your back. So, take a screenshot to save these heat-free hairstyle ideas for the future.

5 Heat-Free Hairstyles for Winter Short / Medium / Long Hair-

  1. Curtain Bangs

A stunning hairstyle option for 2023 is soft curtain bangs. They are a simple, face-framing style with a nod to France. Your hair will appear bouncy and frizz-free if you accomplish this with a layered haircut and equally distribute the weight across your head.

  1. Beachy Waves

Let's face it, regardless of the season, we cannot survive without beach waves. For this reason—say what?—we're all about no-heat beach waves. Your hair takes time to dry, but if you take a shower the night before, your waves should form and be dry in time for you to start your day.

  1. Side Braid Bun

If you're into side braids but would rather wear your hair in a bun, this style is even easier to achieve and the perfect solution for those mornings when you just want to hit the snooze button. Here's the hair winner from the holiday party!

  1. Dutch Boxer Braids

How adorable are these Dutch braids for all your sporty girls or those who just want every hair strand out of your face? A playful take on traditional French braids and a solution for those ponytail ruts.

  1. Half-Up Twist

Both short and long hair. Unclean or clean hair. This design is quite easy to make on any length or texture.

To The Bottom Line-

Do we really need to take out our blow dryers as soon as the cold weather arrives? Nope! If anything, you should avoid using those tools as much as possible during the fall and winter. Your hair suffers from hotter showers and higher heat settings, not to mention static that occurs from overly dry hair.


You're in luck if you're concerned about heat damage (or, let's face it, would much rather be sleeping than styling) because we share your concerns! Here are ten attractive and professional hairstyles that will help you transition through the seasons without using any heat, ranging from untidy waves to braids.

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