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How To Do Effortless Soft Curls Without Heat At Home?


Nothing compares to sporting a set of bouncy curls. The go-to techniques like curling wands and flat irons that turn strands into thick ringlets are probably too familiar to you, but overheating your hair can cause damage to its natural texture.

Try one of the incredibly simple methods for getting heat-free curls if you want to style your hair without running the danger of breaking it. You can experiment with tried-and-true techniques like French braids and hair plopping, or use commonplace objects like headbands and leggings to create a curly "do."

Pro Tips to Know for Effortless Soft Curls at Home-

Here are some pointers to consider before styling regardless of the tool you choose to use:

  • Prep and protect your hair at all times. Apply a heat-protectant product, let hair air dry completely, and then "brush through it to detangle and align strands" before curling using any hot tool method.
  • Pick the appropriate tool. Curls get looser from larger barrels and tighter from smaller ones. Select 1-inch barrels or smaller if you have ringlets or hair that is difficult to curl. Use 1.5- to 2-inch barrels for looser waves and curls.
  • Choose the appropriate temperature range based on the type of hair you have:
  • 180-370°F for fine or damaged hair
  • 375°F to 395° is the range for regular, healthy hair
  • 400°F to 420°F is ideal for thick hair.
  • To avoid messing up the style, wait for the hair to cool before handling it. After styling is complete, spray hairspray on the hair and, after cooling, use your fingers to gently rake through curls to separate them.

Steps to Achieve Soft Curls Without Using a Curler-

Lazy heatless curls are the ideal option for anyone who prefers low maintenance hairstyles and frequently struggles to decide between wearing a bun or styling their hair. This easy style is perfect for second or third-day hair, when you want to accomplish quick waves while multitasking, or when you're just having a lazy day. Try out these tips to

Step 1

Put your hair back in a ponytail first.


To produce a curl, mist small, one-inch portions of hair with water until just moistened, and then wrap each segment around your fingers in a separate manner.

Step 3

Use a clip to keep the curl to your scalp. After you have resolved every issue in your mind, give time to pass.

Step 4

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