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Bet You Have Been Washing Your Hair the Wrong Way!


Is it really a thing that there’s a technique & an appropriate way of washing hair? Well, yes! And unfortunately, we all have been doing it all wrong for years. Most commonly, it’s invariably true that we give almost negligible attention to our hair-washing techniques. Apparently, all the devotion & focus inclines towards what products you are using- basics of shampoos, masks, and conditioners.

But, are they actually applied in the way they have meant to be? Are using our fingers on the scalp the right way? Is the hair wash session all about rinsing dirt or giving nourishment to the scalp? So, here’s the word guide that tours you through the right techniques for washing hair properly.

7 Correct Techniques to Hair-Wash: A Comprehensive Guide-

  1. Thoroughly Wet Your Hair

As soon as you enter your bathroom, shampooing straight away isn’t the first thing to do. Rather, wet your hair first for a good enough 40-50 seconds or even for a minute. In addition, the initial drenching session for hair depends on your hair density as well- the dense the hair the longer it will take for you to rinse it with water. So, for a good 1 minute should be the choice to rinse hair evenly & wet it all entirely.

  1. Apply Your Shampoo

One of the biggest mistakes that massively we all do is directing applying a huge amount of shampoo just thinking more the lather- the more effective it is. However, diluting shampoo with a little water not only is easy on your pocket but also doing so avoids over-stripping of the hair, keeping the locks softer & healthier. In addition, the common mistake we all do is shampooing the hair strands rather it should be done with your fingertips gently on the scalp.

  1. Don’t be forceful with your scalp

Having big & strong nails doesn’t imply using them with all the force possible. In fact, your scalp is vulnerable to severe scalp infections if scratched with harshness. So, be gentle with your fingertips & avoid too many circular or back & forth movements as that can lead to hair breakage. Massaging your scalp with all the calmness of the shampoo gives it a nice healthy & soft attribute.

  1. Rinse it well

Now that you have massaged your scalp well & lathered all around the hair strands, it’s time to efficiently wash it off with water. Be sure to rinse the shampoo well with cold water. Certainly, cold water ensures keeping the hair healthy & smoother whilst maintaining the natural sebum layer of the scalp. Also, be attentive when you wash your hair so that you don’t miss out on rinsing off the shampoo well because shampoo if stayed can build up scalp irritation.

  1. Conditioning well

Conditioner is one such step that people often miss or skip intentionally. However, it is vital for making your hair silky & shiny once they are dried after the whole cleansing period. Further, it is significant to keep a check on your way of applying the conditioner. So, make sure to put conditioner on the hair strands only not the scalp & leave it for 2-3 minutes otherwise it may stick prominently to your hair.

  1. Rinse again well

Again take a dollop of shampoo diluted with water & rinse the strands and the scalp well to remove excess conditioner that may have stayed on.

  1. Pat Dry

Use a microfiber towel or an old cotton tee to pat dry hair generously & remove excess water. Don’t just pull off the water with force rather be gentle in pat drying the hair strands well. Make sure the use of a microfiber towel as rougher fabric material can encourage hair damage.

To The Bottom Line-

Washing hair with the precise shampoo and conditioner is one thing but applying the right products the right way is one of the primary reasons to manage hair issues. Well! There has been a lot said about finding the best hair care products or sulfate-free shampoos, etc. But, the technique & application way counts in too.

Healthy Hair-Caring!

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