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In What Frequency Should You Wash Your Hair?


Finally! We are here to burst the bubble and give you the finest answer on how often you should wash your hair. There are so many opinions in the market, but if all of them cannot help, what’s the whole point of listening?

One great thing we want you to understand before we tell you what you must be doing or what you must avoid, it’s essential for you to take advice or opinions as per your understanding of yourself! We hope you will not force yourself into trying something your body and its parts do not want to accept. With such a note in mind, let’s study the frequency at which (you) must wash your hair.

Knowing Your Scalp is the Primary Step!

We all have different scalp types, and this is a universal fact. While some of you can experience extreme scalp oiliness just another day after the hair wash, others might suffer dry scalp even three days after the hair wash. Thus, we must shortlist the needs of our scalp before we pick a routine and follow it.

Is it Right to Wash the Oily Scalp Every Day?

Every day might be a ‘NO’. Your scalp produces a natural oil called sebum that keeps it nourished. When you wash off the natural oils, you are wiping all the naturally occurring nutrients on your scalp. Thus, regular shampooing is something you might want to keep away from you. 

Oil isn’t always the villain.

Many shampoo commercials have led people to believe that oils are the villain, but the reality is that it isn’t always! The sebum your scalp produces is vital to boost hair shine and keep it healthy.

A shampoo can contribute to a bad hair day because wiping off the natural oils can leave the hair dry and coarse.

Three Factors that Must be Studied to Curate the Right Hair Wash Routine

Here is a list of factors that influence your hair-wash routine. Take a look:

  • Oil
  • While oil is not a real villain, it is a significant factor that influences hair wash. But how much oil is too much oil?

    If you have an oily scalp, you must wash your hair more frequently than people with dry hair will do. However, the amount of oil your scalp produces depends on many factors, including age, genetics, sex, and more. As you grow, your body naturally restricts sebum production, and your scalp gets drier.

    People with extremely oily scalp problems can wash their hair daily, but that’s very rare. You must do 2 to 3 days without a wash in a standard, oily scalp condition. 

  • Sweat
  • If you are regular to the gym or high-intensity workout, the sweat might end up making your hair feel nasty. In such a condition, the hair does not feel fresh too. Thus, you can opt for a light hair wash after such workout sessions. 

    On the days when you go for a walk or engage in lighter workout sessions, you must avoid washing your hair. Even after wearing hats and helmets in hot weather, you must wash your hair.

    Also, when sweat is less, just a light hair rinse with water works.

  • Dirt and Pollution
  • Dirt scalp is a huge NO. When you have been out in polluted areas with open hair or have been cleaning the garden, your hair will look dull and pave the way for allergies. On such days you must opt for a hair wash.

    However, you can protect your hair from pollution and dust with braids and scarves, and you must do that.

    So, At What Frequency Should You Wash Your Hair?

    We advise you to understand your scalp type first. If you feel washing your hair twice a week works great, go ahead. When your hair goes well without a hair wash for an entire week, that is your best.

    Self-understanding will help you create the right hair wash routine and make you understand your right frequency to wash hair. 

    We will not tell you when you should wash your hair. You read the guide, evaluate your scalp, test and make your personalised routine.

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