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Ditch The Spa: Hair Nourishing Treatment at Home


This step-by-step guide will entail a weekly hair nourishing treatment at home in precise detailing.

It's a Sunday Morning when you have decided to stay home and make the day productive. You have taken your time to get out of bed, made your morning chai or coffee, had an extremely delectable breakfast that you cooked yourself (because you had some extra time in hand today) and now you are sitting and planning on what to achieve in the entire day! Hair care and skincare are priorities, right?

Yes, on regular days you might just wash with a shampoo and conditioner, but there’s something different about the long hair-wash day. That is the day of self-care and rejuvenation when you devote the entire day to yourself!

No, this guide is not specific to the more visible hair care steps like shampoo and conditioner, rather we would focus on the minutest detail to help you get healthier-looking hair at home!

This guide is dedicated to self-care and therapeutic hair care to help you relax, rejuvenate and refresh for the entire week!

So, should we start?

Start Brushing Your Hair With a Wooden Comb

If you have made many investments in hair care that probably didn’t work for you, then why not invest in a wooden comb once more?

Wooden combs cost somewhere between Rs 150-200, but they are highly effective when brushing the scalp. Especially the Kachi Neem comb that helps fight inflammation and enhances blood circulation in the scalp.

Detangle your hair using the wooden comb and brush your scalp. Ensure that the hair is not wet and neither have you applied oil on the scalp. It should be an ideal dry-brushing process. 

Apply Hair Oil and Massage Your Scalp Gently

It’s time for the most therapeutic process. Once you have dry combed your hair and detangled it, it’s time to do a gentle scalp massage.

For this, pick your favourite hair oil that suits your hair type and the ingredients should match your interests.

The oil helps get rid of dirt while increasing blood circulation in the scalp area. Oil on the hair length will help combat dryness and frizziness. Here, the most significant point is to pick the oil that is right for you depending on your hair porosity levels.

Try Fenugrow Hair Fall Treatment hair oil with the goodness of Onion and Fenugreek. It also has extracts of Harshringar, Satawari, and Til Oil. From helping fight hair fall to reducing hair thinning and hair breakage with higher sulphur content, the anti-inflammatory ingredients help soothe hair to the best.   

Leave The Oil on Your Hair For An Hour Or More

After hair oiling, you need to allow the oil to sit on the hair and scalp for some time so that the dryness can be curbed and the rough ends soothe. You can leave it on the scalp for an hour or more if possible.


Avoid sleeping with oily hair because oil makes the roots soft and increases the chance of hair falling if rubbed against the pillow.

It’s Time For Hair Wash! 

Now that you have allowed the oil to sit on your hair and scalp for a while, it’s time to wash it off. Here, choosing the right shampoo becomes crucial. Look for a product that is very low in sulphate content if not sulphate-free. 

Try Fenugrow shampoo with the goodness of Fenugreek and Onion. The formula is sulphate and paraben free made using Ayurvedic formula. It also has chamomile and capsicum extracts as some extra shining ingredients. 

Note: The right way to use the shampoo is to dilute it in water and then put it on the scalp. Alternatively, you can also rub the product between your palm and then gently rub it on your scalp. You can also take the help of a gentle scalp massager that will help clean your scalp better.

Finally, rinse off!

Apply The Right Conditioner

Once you have rinsed off the shampoo, it’s time to condition the hair with the right formula. First, squeeze all the extra water out of your hair so that the conditioner can do the job other than stripping it off with water.

Try Fenugrow Hair Fall Treatment conditioner with Onion and Fenugreek. It also has the goodness of Neem, Brahmi, Tulsi, and Coconut Oil. It nourishes the hair and assists combats of brittle hair forming a protective layer around hair fibres. 

Use hair conditioner only on your hair length and avoid getting the formula to the scalp.

Keep it on for 5-10 minutes and rinse off with cold water!

Use a Hair Mask For Extra Nourishment

Though an optional step, it is always great to use a nourishing hair mask for extra softness and shine. 

Try Fenusilk hair mask with Fenugreek and Apricot extracts that deep condition hair cuticles, add silky texture, and smoothen hair. 

If you have dry hair, you can use it after using the conditioner, whereas if you have greasy hair, then use it before shampooing! If you are using it before shampoo, you can use a considerable amount, however, when using it after conditioner keep it less. 

Keep it for 15 mins and rinse it off

Add the Shine With a Serum: The Last Step!

Once you are out of the shower and have towel-dried your hair, use hair serum to lock moisture in the hair and also add shine.

Try Fenu Smooth or FenuBoost Hair serum which provides nutrients and proteins to the hair follicles and helps detangle them. It also helps in protecting the hair against UV rays. 

And, what else? Go ahead, flaunt, and shine! Your weekend hair care is complete!

The entire routine is ideal once a week, and if you are consistent, you can see the difference in your hair quality and texture in a few weeks. In the longer run, it makes the texture of your hair smooth and rich. So, ditch the spa or Keratin and repair your hair at home.

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