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Fact Or Myth: Does Wearing a Hat Cause Hair Loss?


We have always contemplated a bundle of reasons for hair loss, from weather to inheritance, and all aspects are well covered when we seem to lock the real reason behind the falling hair. 

Hair loss can be catered for by multiple reasons, including heredity, age, medical issues, and a few more. 

When wearing a hat often, there are many to contend with the hair loss that it results in.

So, how much of this is true or false? Would you lose hair if you wore your favourite hat? Let’s read and uncover the hair’s development process, the actual reasons that can cause a hair fall, and what you must do to encourage dense-looking hair.

Why Does Hair Fall Happen?

It becomes more critical than ever for you to know the many reasons behind falling hair and what all it has to do with hats.

  • Genetics or hereditary is the most obvious reason hair falls, leading to hair thinning.
  • There is an existing hair loss male and female pattern baldness called Androgenetic alopecia, which is a form of hair loss. 
  • Hair is also greatly affected by the age factor. Our hair follicles decrease as we age, leading to thinning and hair loss.
  • Hormonal changes also affect hair loss which is higher during menopause and pregnancy. 
  • Medical factors such as scalp infections, thyroid problems, autoimmune diseases, and others lead to hair loss. 
  • A few medical diseases that cause hair fall are Alopecia areata, trichotillomania, and telogen effluvium.

Hat Wearing and Hair Loss: What’s the Science Behind?

We have an in-built perception that wearing a hat for a longer duration can cause hair loss, but scientific evidence says otherwise. 

The pressure on hair follicles while wearing a hat does not lead to hair loss, but wearing a hat does not result in direct hair loss.

Conversely, a hat can be an excellent protectant against the harmful Ultraviolet rays of the sun and pollutants since plentiful blood flow feeds hair follicles.

But here’s the truth! Wearing a hat can inadvertently cause hair loss. When the cap is too tight or pulled under too firmly, the hair can get damaged or also break, making it thin over time. Also, if you have been practising wearing hats made of abrasive and rigid materials, that must also stop!

Bursting Myths About Wearing Hats for Hair Loss

We have always been adamant about linking wearing hats and hair loss. While many believe it is true, there is still much to research and make evidence-based conclusions.

Number #1

Medical hair problems like hormone shifts, alopecia, and hereditary hair can cause hair loss. Hats, however, help conceal hair and scalp, not drive it.

Number #2

Alopecia is a hair loss type that is persistent when hair follicles get way too much pushing. Tight headgear like helmets can be responsible for such a problem which is why many perceive it to be hat as a general term. 

However, you have the option to avoid it when you doon a proper-fitting headgear.

Number #3

Another common perception is that hats block the hair's ability to breathe air which results in hair loss. However, you must know that the bloodstream provides enough nutrients, making the hair non-requiringring of air to develop. 

How Do You Maintain Good Hair While Wearing Hats

Wearing hats might not be a problem, but wearing them wrong can! Thus, you need to understand how to wear hats and headgear correctly so that it does not affect hair health negatively. 

#1. Hair Care

You must have a good hair care routine where you shampoo the hair rightly with a gentle shampoo and conditioner. It helps keep excess grime and oil at bay while keeping the scalp clean.

#2. A Balanced Diet

Aiding a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals, Vitamin D, iron, and zinc will result in healthy hair development.

#3. Keeping Harsh Chemicals At Bay

Hair loss and damage can result from chemical treatments like coloring and straightening treatments. Keep yourself out of it as much as possible, or use it seldom.

#4. Reduce Stress

Practising yoga and meditation can lessen the stress that leads to hair loss.

The Final Verdict

It is not always a common habit, but the nature of the habit that causes the problem. You might have to think and get it right!

Despite everything good, if you are still experiencing hair loss, you might come down to minimal hair habits keeping it unbothered. More extensively, you can consult an expert and diagnose hair and scalp to know what is making it move in the wrong direction.

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