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Monstrous Monsoon? Upkeep your hair with these Haicare tips!



Monsoons are magical & monstrous at the same time. No doubt, those little droplets are a way of entire serenity & positivity. But, surely aren’t your hair’s best friend. So, how will your strands cope with the humidity & rainy weather? We have a solution- with these hair care tips for you!

Naaa! Naa! Don’t worry about that frizzy hair, the right guidance is here, travel ahead-

  • Hot Oil Massage

Frizz, unruly hair, and dryness- In a nutshell, monsoons come with a motive to spoil your dreamy hair look. No doubt, you try hard to prepare them the best. So, how do you master your monsoon hair? A hot oil massage for the rescue! Perhaps at least an hour or half an hour before you can massage the scalp nicely with hot oil. Without a doubt, it will relax you for sound sleep, improve blood circulation, and further form a protective barrier to prevent moisture loss.

  • Rinse off Rainwater

One of the most crucial monsoon hair care tips is to wash your hair every time it becomes wet. When you get wet, the acidity of the rainwater retained in your hair may produce an imbalance in the pH of your scalp and aggravate hair problems. Using a nourishing and strengthening shampoo and conditioner will keep your glands from secreting too much sebum, preventing hair problems. To give your hair the extra care it needs to avoid monsoon hair fall, we vouch for using a light shampoo with natural ingredients.

  • Welcome Drying Hair

Did you know?- wet hair is more prone to breakage as they are in its weakest state during that time. Keeping the scalp and hair dry during monsoons is an important hair care tip that many of us overlook. Keep in mind that your hair is brittle when wet. After washing it, make sure to quickly dry your scalp to avoid hair fall. Allow your hair to air-dry naturally, and never tie it when it is damp!  Aside from that, pick required items such as umbrellas, caps, or scarfs to protect your hair when out in the rain.

  • Manage Hairwash Routine

To remove deposits from your hair and scalp, wash your hair at least two or three times every week. To avoid germ buildup at the roots of your hair, use an antibiotic or antifungal shampoo. Further, in order to protect your hair while also preventing frizz and dullness, apply a leave-in conditioner. You can also perform a hot oil massage before washing your hair. This will improve blood circulation in your scalp and make your hair stronger.

TIP- Be aware of eating mindfully & eating nutritional-dense food. Further, don’t comb wet hair! If you really seek to comb them, pick a wide-tooth comb and go over the strands when they are dry or almost dry

To The Bottom Line-

Hair is one primary thing that shapes facial appearance. And of course, monsoon is the love season so why not make the best of out? So, be ready with these haircare tips to slay the monsoon hair look!


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