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Dry hair? Wait! A nourishing hair mask could help!


Tired of hair dryness that always comes in between your dreamy hair day or your good hair day, to be precise! But it’s not just you on the list; there are many of us juggling to combat dryness and frizziness. 

To be truthful, hair dryness isn’t always a genetic problem; for many of us, it replicates our polluted environment! But how do you fix it? How do you coexist with the dirt, dust, and pollution and still have nourished hair? Well, first, have your contribution toward a clean environment! Now, let’s move to solutions you can implement in your hair care regimen and have those good hair days when confidence stands tall!

Having a Good Hair Care Routine is Important!

“Rome wasn’t built in a day,” Thus, you must put aside the expectation of getting any good in a day and let it rest forever. Any product that claims to show results in a day is complete filth, and you must avoid such obscene marketing claims. 

When you build a good hair care regimen and keep the repertoire of products that work for you and your hair type coming after every empty bottle, that is when you don’t experience results; you live with the change, a positive change and something you have always wanted.

You don’t look for change that will change in time; you look for change that becomes a part of you, that becomes you, in time and with consistency. And products that happen to make this happen are fitted that you need to fit into your routine.

We have discussed hair care products and hair care routines in a detailed guide, and you must read that when trying to surf for a hair care routine. Here, let’s talk about hair masks!

Combat frizz and try texture with nourishing hair masks.

A hair mask is a new addition to the hair care routine, but really? Nope! Hair masks have been a part of the Indian hair care tradition. Remember your Dadi telling you to apply curd on the hair?

Hair masks could become an impeccable addition to your hair care products bucket, but only when you find something that works well for your hair. Traditional hair mask recipes that come from your kitchen and the knowledge of your mother and grandmother are simply fantastic, and you must try to have those nourishing hair care days once in a while to help keep traditions intact. But what can help you stay consistent?

Your busy life needs something that can help you stay on track. So, here is when you try to pick hair masks from recommended brands. But, in such a huge and high-commotion market, how would you find something that well suits your needs and expectations? Worry not; that is what we are here for!

In a hair mask:

Look for Nourishing oils.

One of the components in the hair mask is oils. When looking for hydration, coconut and argan oils are excellent components. However, when looking for hydration, jojoba oil could do so much better. Dig into the ingredients list and look for the culmination of many oils that can transform your hair for good.

Moisturizing base

Look for a nourishing hair mask base. Something that includes Shea butter should catch your eyes on the go.

Superfoods could be an exciting addition

Something that has a significant mix of superfoods could be a brownie point. Fenugreek, onion, rice, and others could do but remember not to get fooled. The proportion in which the superfood is being used should be evident, and not just for namesake.

So, how about trying a hair mask from Manestream? You must read the listers of our mask, get convinced by yourself, and then make a satisfactory purchase.

The Fenusilk hair mask by Manestream is made with Fenusilk and apricot extracts that helps lock the moisture into the hair, soften hair and promote healthy hair.

That’s for now, meet you at another one!

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