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Monsoon Edition: 5 Quick Hacks to Set the Hair to Go Out


Is hair the reason why you have been cancelling all the Monsoon plans? If yes, then you need to check this out!

We understand Monsoon’s increased humidity in the air, the ever-pouring Rain, and the weather creates havoc for the hair, but this is the season when you can plan to visit places where nature seems to revive the best. In fact, many tourist places experience heavy footfall during Monsoons.

Just because you cannot make your hair look presentable doesn’t mean you need to stop going out. Okay, do you know, Rain cleanses your aura? Yes, it does! Do not miss the opportunity to drench in nature for once. There’s no pressure when you don’t have pressure! 

Coming back, going for dates in millennial cafes could be the perfect monsoon plan. And here we are to guide you on a quick-fix hair routine! 

This list of five easy hairstyles will make it easier for you to get ready for Monsoon plans and look like an absolute Monsoon diva!

Mermaid Waves

If Summers can have beach waves, why not Monsoons? Monsoon is the perfect season to have mermaid waves. The beachy texture means undone, messy waves that are intentional. 

It is extremely tough to maintain blowdry and flat hair during the Monsoon. The easiest solution to this is to find a hair-do that is Monsoon weather friendly.

Mermaid waves are easy to carry, and using a little Manestream Hair Shine Serum will fix the extra hair from here and there.

A Neat Ponytail

Nothing looks more classy than a neat ponytail on the go. This is one hair-do that would never become outdated or go out of trend. 

Manestream loves the magic of a neatly-done hair tie! The best part about this hairstyle is the minimum maintenance and requirements.

Take a little Manestream De-Tangling hair serum and use it to make a neat tie. You must use the product on the crown area to set the baby hairs.

A Messy Bun

The trend for messy buns can is real and quite popular. Instagram, Google, and the entire internet are exploding with Messy Bun tutorials, and they are so easy to do hairstyles. 

Monsoon gives you messy hair; why not make a messy bun?

Easy to do, messy is the perfect Monsoon hairstyle. While your hair is a mess, ensure that the texture is soft. Manestream Fenusmooth kit ensures silky and smooth hair.

The Neat Hair Tie

Much of the trend, the Neat Hair tie helps your face shine. The Neat Hair Tie can make the look stand out, especially when you have opted for a glowy makeup look.

Use our Fenupro Seroil that will rightly tame the hair to give a clean, parted hair look. 

Curtain Bangs

Fringes make you wonder. Why not try curtain bangs? The 80s trend is back to life and has made the most awesome comeback in recent times.

The hair type is short in the middle and long on the sides. These fringes are longer than the regular frings and are easy to grow, unlike the traditional bangs, where growing them seems like a mountain!

Talk to your hairstylist and try if you can get this done!

Final Words

Didn’t we make your Monsoon hair more effortless than ever? Thanks to us! Believe it or not, we are your hair friend who will always guide you irrespective of the weather and type! Anyway, we love you.

This Monsoon, you must breeze with the breeze, and hair care with us is no restriction; it’s freedom. The monsoon freedom is all about dancing in the Rain and reviving hair.


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