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The Mane Tip: 5 Steps to Enjoy Frizz-Free Monsoon!


Monsoon could look scary! The frizz, the natural texture, the unplanned wet hair, and so many more factors could make you rebel against the season. But, besides this, the season brings so much prosperity: the pour after heavy months of the heatwave, the breeze which makes nature dance to its beats and the family getting together for some chai and snacks. Then, why would you crib? For good hair? Wait, we have got the solution!

Frizz and untamed texture are not reasons why you shouldn’t embrace the prosperity of the Monsoon season. Manestream brings you five fabulous tips that will keep frizziness at bay and make you love your Monsoon hair:

#1. Get your brushing habit right!

Experts believe the proper hair brushing can make a notable difference to the hair texture and appearance. Using a narrow tooth comb while brushing is a prevalent reason for frizz. What is the ideal hair brush, and how to use it?

A wide-tooth comb or hair brush is always a better hair-brushing tool. You must take some time and brush gently through the strands all the way up to the hair roots. 

#2. Choose your shampoos wisely!

Monsoons can bring more hair wash days because of dandruff, rains and more. More humidity in the air causes sweat too! Thus, you must pick a milder shampoo for the Monsoon.

Your shampoo must not have sulphates, parabens, dimethicone, and polyethene! Such ingredients over dry hair and cause damage. Shampoos with naturally antibacterial and anti-microbial properties fit right into the Monsoon hair care bucket. Check out Manestream Fenusmooth shampoo, a special curation for smoother and frizz-free hair.

Also, hair conditioner and serums must be packed thrice a week to let the hair stay smooth week-long! Check the Manestream Fenusmooth conditioner that pairs well with the shampoo of the same range.

#3. Keep your scalp clean

Keeping the scalp clean and free from any dandruff coating is essential. Wash hair every 2-3 days. Wear a scarf under the sun, use healthy hair serums and engage in an antibacterial scalp cleaning routine.

The cleaner your scalp, the healthier your hair. 

#4. Monsoon must-check hair routine

You must implement a few pointers and stay consistent during Monsoon. These include:

  • Using an anti-split-end product
  • Reinforcing a strengthening hair formula
  • Hair treatment at the spa or home
  • A spray hair conditioner to keep hair ends moisturized. 

#5. A regular hair cleansing and hydrating routine

A little knowledge of must-have ingredients in hair care products

You must focus on three aspects when shopping for monsoon hair: anti-frizz, anti-hair fall, and smoothing. Check Manestream’s range of selective hair treatment kits to shop for this Monsoon.

As per Dr Kulkarni, using hair oil with amla, bhringraj, and neem can help with an intensive hair treatment, then cleansing the scalp with a mild cleanser. Check Manestream hair fall treatment hair oils enriched with the goodness of natural and Ayurveda-inspired hair ingredients.

Breathing exercises in the morning followed by yoga for two minutes every morning can lead to extensive benefits witnessed in the longer run.


All set to combat the Monsoon frizz? With little changes in hair routine, it definitely is! Focus on the little daily life solutions rather than getting up one day and getting a spa. It’s great, but what when the effect goes away? Here is when it becomes vital to have a lifestyle rather than a moment or a few days of hair care!

We hope to have helped you understand monsoon hair care in simpler forms. Try these little steps and let us know until we return with something bigger and better.

Happy Monsoon Hair to all!

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